Saturday, October 24, 2015

Scary Snacks!

I found a bunch of ideas and recipes for scary snacks! Great for that Halloween party or just for fun for our creepy nerdy friends... (these are terms of endearment, dearies...) 

Spider Web Nacho Dip : 

Stuffed Pepper Jack O' lanterns: 

Bread Stick Bones : 

Rice Krispie Treats Zombie BRAINS! :

Jack O' Lantern Mandarin Cups : 

Popcorn Witch's Hand :

Creepy Carrot Hand Cheese Dip : 

3 Kinds of Deviled Eggs : 

Hot Dog Mummies : 

Icky Hot Dog Fingers : 

Owl Crackers : 

Mummy Toast : 

Pizza Fingers : 

Caterpillar Grape Kabobs: